Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Stepping Into A Whole New Level of Trust

Welcome to the new In The Waiting

Since moving to Arizona July 2014, God immediately placed the theme of In The Waiting on my heart 
At first I was confused as to what this would mean 
Because, in MY life, I was perfectly comfortable with "Enjoying The Journey" 
As that was the former title of this blog 
A journey has been exactly what the Lord has been taking me on 
And learning to enjoy the journey is what He has been teaching me
So, why do I have to change something that has been comfortable the past four years?

As time went on in Arizona, God continued to stir In The Waiting in my heart
I have learned that when God continues to tell us something we cant ignore it, as much as we try
Just as seasons change, God changes us as well
We outgrow the season we are in as He calls us out of our comfort zones 
And we grow and we stretch more into the person God created us to be
He challenges us to go higher and deeper in trusting Him

So, after a year and a half of wrestling, doubt, prayer, excitement, provision, and more prayer
I have decided to start In The Waiting
Call it a blog
Call it a ministry
Call it a blog ministry 
Maybe even a book one day 
Whatever the case, I am stepping into a whole new deeper level of TRUST
And I hope you will step with me

Here is a little bit more background of my story In The Waiting 
Let me take you back to one night in October 2011
I was weary, unmotivated and frustrated with how my life was going
I had little passion, no purpose and no direction for my life 
I knew in that moment I had to let go of control 
So I prayed, "Lord, I surrender"

I had no idea that that one little prayer would lead me on a path I never imagined

Since that very night the Lord has placed dreams and visions in me I never knew existed
He has taken me on an adventure I never dreamed of
He has answered prayers better than imagined
{You can read more about my journey to Arizona HERE}

Here is the thing I have learned through this journey He has me on; 
We all have dreams
We all have longings
We all have desires
And if our hearts are surrendered to Him, then we can be confident that He WILL fulfill them
And God has been so faithful to answer some of my deepest longings and desires

 "I am sure that God Who began the good work in you will keep on working in you until the day Jesus Christ comes again" Phil 1:6 

But, I am still praying for some to be answered
And I bet YOU are, too

God LOVES to answer our prayers
He DESIRES to answer them
But here is the thing, He answers them on His own time
In His own way 

There is a saying, "when God closes a door, He always opens another one"
But sometimes we forget that there is always a hallway in between the doorways
Between the answered prayers is a time of waiting

I believe that we ALL are waiting for a prayer to be answered
I believe we ALL have desires and dreams God has put on our hearts that we are waiting for

How do we stay trusting God In The Waiting?
How do we live boldly and confidently In The Waiting?
How do we live faithfully In The Waiting?
How do we stay strong In The Waiting?
How do we continue to enjoy our journey In The Waiting?
How do we live in expectation during our moments of In The Waiting?

My hope and vision for In The Waiting is not only to share my journey, but for YOU, other women, to share your journey of In The Waiting, too

A place to share moments of vulnerability, weakness and growth
A place to share moments of great JOY, celebration, and gratitude
A place to share encouragement, wisdom and support

Let's empower each other to live boldly and confidently, with GREAT expectation while In The Waiting


  1. So proud of you Jessie! You are such an inspiration in faithfulness! Love following what you do, and how you think through things before acting! Too many of us act before we think it through. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    1. Thank you Sandy! Your comments are always so encouraging and SO appreciated. Than you for you constant support from WA! Love you!

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  2. 'Let's empower each other to live boldly and confidently, with GREAT expectation while In The Waiting'

    I love this, AMEN!!!

  3. 'Let's empower each other to live boldly and confidently, with GREAT expectation while In The Waiting'

    I love this, AMEN!!!


I would love to hear how you are enjoying your journey!