Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

This Sunday is May 1st, which means Memorial Day is this month, which means it 's basically summer. Or if you live in Arizona like me, the heat has already arrived 

With summer coming up (AKA swim suit season), I wanted to share a few tips on how to curb those late night munchies. Because if you are anything like me, my sweet tooth definitely comes out at night!

As a health and wellness coach I get the question a lot, "how far ahead of bedtime should I stop eating?" The answer I have heard over and over again from my own trainer and mentor is three hours

So, how do you curb that sweet tooth or munchies between those three hours?

Here are FIVE of my favorite tips from my favorite trainer, mentor and friend Stephanie Grandits

1) Herbal Tea- This is my go-to! My favorite is passion tea or Oasis. There are lots of different teas out there. Find one that is non caffeinated, one you enjoy and relaxing 

2) Take a hot bath or hot shower- Relax and take your mind off your cravings 

3) Brush or whiten your teeth- When you have a fresh minty taste in your mouth, or white strips, you most likely won't want to eat something. 

4) Take Crave Check SR- This non caffeinated AdvoCare product really helps suppress your appetite. I would even recommend before dinner so you don't overeat. It will last you about six hours. (HINT: it REALLY works! So if you already do not eat much throughout the day be careful. Not eating enough can hinder results) 

5) Drink a protein shake- Having AdvoCare's Muscle Gain is a lot better than having a full AdvoCare meal replacement shake. Muscle Gain is high protein, low carbs and helps repair muscles while you sleep #winning

And..... when all else fails, just go to bed

Seriously, works 100% of the time 

Hope these help! I am off to Palm Springs with my best friend to attend Stage Coach
Country music and Sam Hunt? YES PLEASE

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Oh, and just because I live in a beautiful state, h
ere is a picture I took tonight after my women's volleyball game

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  1. I came across a post I wrote about 5 years ago that you had commented on and thought I'd pay you a visit!! Hope all is well with you. Happy SONday!!


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