Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Currently in April

                Linking up with Jenna and Anne today for another edition of their "Currently" series.

Currently this April I’m…

MAKING room for more "me time" in my life. Well, trying at least. I am in a season of growth and hustle in all areas of my life, which is exciting, but also exhausting. I am learning the importance to make time for myself. Whether it's to blog, read, journal, quiet time, call my family, I need to make time to rejuvenate and refill so then I can pour more of myself into my true passions. 
WISHLISTING Some new outfits for Arizona. I have lived here almost two years and I still have not found my "Arizona style" I am comfortable with in this heat. 
CLEANING everything! Seriously, I just cleaned my whole room and bathroom tonight. I leave tomorrow for Seattle then my aunt is coming into town and staying with me. 

POSTING I have been posting a lot of quotes from Christine Caine. I love that women. She just came out with a new book called Unashamed that I am reading and loving. If you want to be inspired, then read it. If you want help to discover your purpose, then read it. If you need help getting over guilt and shame, then read it. 
TASTING blended AdvoCare vanilla Muscle Gain, strawberries and spinach. Every single day for the past week and a half for breakfast. They are quick, easy, simple, yummy and a completely balanced meal! Win/win! 


  1. I have been in a cleaning frenzy lately too - must be the time of year! Seattle sounds like so much fun! I have never visited, but it is on my bucket list for sure.

  2. Me time is a wonderful thing... enjoy :) And thanks for linking up!

  3. Making time for yourself is a MUST! Which I need to more of...! I find it takes time to find your style - even if it has been 2 years since you've been in AZ!! I think I only started embracing a more boho vibe 3 years into Singapore...! Have fun in Seattle!


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