Friday, April 19, 2013

I Love You Regardless

Dear Jessie, my precious child,
I love you regardless of how well you are performing. Sometimes you feel uneasy, wondering if you are doing enough to be worthy of My Love. No matter how exemplary your behavior, the answer to that question will always be no, your performance and My Love are totally different issues, which you need to sort out. 
I love you with an everlasting Love that flows out from eternity without limits or conditions. I have clothed you in My robe of righteousness, and this is an eternal transaction; Nothing and no one can reverse it.
Therefore, your accomplishment as a Christian has no bearing on My Love for you. Even your ability to assess how well you are doing on a given day is flawed. Your limited human perspective and the condition of your body, with its mercurial variations, distort your evaluations. 
Bring your performance anxiety to Me, and receive in its place My Unfailing Love. Try to stay conscious of My loving presence with you in all that you do, and I will direct your steps.

The Lord came to us from far away, saying, “I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. So I have helped you come to Me with loving-kindness.
Jeremiah 31:3
"I will have much joy in the Lord. My soul will have joy in my God, for He has clothed me with the clothes of His saving power. He has put around me a coat of what is right and good, as a man at his own wedding wears something special on his head, and as a bride makes herself beautiful with stones of great worth."
- Isaiah 61:10
"Make Your face shine upon Your servant. Save me in Your loving-kindness."
- Psalm 31:16
"Let them give thanks to the Lord for His loving-kindness and His great works to the children of men!"
- Psalm 107:8

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