Saturday, April 6, 2013

Final Four & Life Lately

The Final Four is on in the background
I almost forgot it was on until my sister mentioned something to me
Whaaat!? I know
Surprisingly, I am not much of a basketball watcher I can watch NFL all day but ask me to watch basketball all day and I just cant do it
So, I am deciding to blog a bit while it plays in the background
But if you are wondering...
Gotta love an underdog!

Anyway, it has been awhile since I have given an update on what is going on
Lots of running, lots of work and lots of dreaming :)

My half is less than one month away!
21 days in fact and each day closer I am getting more excited!
Running has become easier thanks for my good friend Quinn who has been running the long runs with me. In fact, this morning we did a 10 mile run! I still cant wrap my mind that I actually ran 10 miles. I am just so thankful for Quinn for taking the time to run with me! Truly makes a huge difference with a running partner! 

What I am reading

This book is amazing
Judah Smith is one of the most engaging pastors/leaders I have ever heard 
 He is real
He speaks the truth
He pushes us to truly dig deeper on what we believe about Jesus
Jesus is_____
You fill in the blank :) 

I have yet to find a home church up here in Seattle
I know right?! I have lived up here the past 7 years!
It has always been on my heart and I know the Bible is pretty clear about surrounding yourself with other believers and having that fellowship but for some reason I just didnt feel a true calling to find a church up here. I went home a lot to Hope Lutheran and my sisters church 
I was filled with those churche but I still felt I needed to find something more permanent up here

My roommates have been going to The City Church for awhile but I just never felt the urge to go
Insert Jesus Is_____ and Judah Smith
I first saw him on CNN as he was on his book tour!
 I just had to see Justin Biebers pastor!
Sadly,yes, it took me to see him on TV and write a book for me to attend
But I dont care I got to a church service and now I dont want to leave
I am excited that I finally found a church that I long to attend

What I have been listening too

LOVE MercyMe
SPIRIT 105.3 has been my #1 radio station 
I just love being in a constant state of worship as I am driving
You may or may not finding me raising my hands and shouting along to the songs
Especially Chris Tomlin- Angel Armies

Favorite PINTEREST quotes 

The past couple mornings I have woken up to birds chirping outside my window
One of my favorite ways to wake up too

I declare!
This rings so true in my life at the moment
I see things and places in my life I never imagined
I feel God working in ways I never thought possible
I have dreams and longings that fill up the deepest parts of my heart

One day, it will all come together and everything will make perfect sense

What I am LOVING 

My new prayer journal
Since starting my new bible study I decided to start writing down thoughts and prayers that might be too personal for my blog
I am SO excited for this new adventure with these girls and can feel God preparing and creating us for great things for His Kingdom!

Speaking of His Kingdom, I got my copy of The Bible Series!
Ever since it was over last weekend I have been longing to watch it all over again!
Thankfully, I pre ordered it and got it early!

Africa 2014
I cant write about this dream enough
I sit here terribly sore from my 10 mile run
Headache and leg pains ache my body more then I thought
But I have never felt more "healthy" 
I have never been more filled and complete in His love
The more I learn about our God
The more I commit to His ways and guidance
The more my dream to travel to Africa grows 

And I still do not know where I am going in life
I don't know what tomorrow or my future holds
But I do know who is planning my life
That gives me peace and confidence 


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  1. YEah!!! Love that you have a dream in your heart from Africa. Love from Nepal:)


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