Friday, September 13, 2013

Lots to Celebrate

You know the saying "blessed beyond belief"
Well...I am
Today is my "offical" first day of year 28 for me
I find it humerous when I look back how I thought my life would turn out
By 28, I was going to be married, three children, a house with white picket fence
....and a dog (golden retriever people)  
I had it all figured out
Oh, how that is far from my life right now
However, my life is better than that dream I had when I was 16
I  have a husband, children, or house, NONE of those
But I know what I do have
 Constant Joy for my life and the Lord
Peace that I am exactly where I need to be
Hope, eventually, in His time, I will receive all those things

My birthday might not have been spent going out to dinner with my husband
Or playing with my children and dog outside my house
But you know what, I spent my birthday doing exactly what I LOVE
I spent my birthday watching amazing student-athletes play the game they love
I got to spend my birthday working along side my passionate student workers
Last night was more than just another soccer game 
We spent the evening laughing, catching up, sharing stories
Creating memories of fellowship, mentorship and true friendships
And let me tell you there was also no shortage of LOVE throughout the day
With Facebook, text messages, phone calls, cards and a special lunch
I was one very blessed birthday girl
In addition to my birthday, there are many reasons why I LOVE September
The weather around here can not be beat
Seahawks- enough said there
The Washington State Fair
Fall is in the air
But the greatest reason of all is that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
This is been another path that I did not see coming but thank the Lord everyday for this passion
I pray that one day a cure will be found
In the meantime, I pray that God will use me in the most unimaginable ways
Help raise awareness to childhood cancer
Help raise funds and financial support
Help bring faith, hope and love to children and families

Jessie Rees Foundation
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital
These are just two amazing charities doing amazing things that I have a strong passion for
God has given me the opportunity to be more
Everyday He gives me that platform to live a life of significance
I went to bed last night overwelmed by the blessings He has given me the past 28 years
Blessed that He has chosen this path for my life
Hopeful, that the next 28 years will be even more beautiful and thrilling

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  1. I love this. Your outlook on life is beautiful! You are right. We are blessed! God is good! And His plans far surpass our own! Be blessed :) Happy birthday!


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