Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adventures of the Heart

You and I were made for a great adventure —That’s no accident.
God made us to long for adventure — His adventure.
God calls all believers to join Him in a rescue mission,
 “to seek and save the lost”
(Luke 19:10) and complete the Great Commission.

One of my amazing students asked me to help at her wedding
They flew me down to San Diego to be the wedding coordinator
I have never been an official coordinator but I have been blessed too be in a lot of weddings to know the logistics of wedding ceremonies, receptions, traditions and decorations

I have always dreamed of being a wedding planner
Maybe not for a career but helping friends or family when I could
I love weddings
Just to be around the giddy bride on her special day
To see the nervousness of the groom
The excitement of the festivities
The cake and flowers...oh the flowers!
Everything about them make me smile
If I could make a living being a professional wedding crasher count me in!

This weekend was one of the most physically, emotionally 
and mentally exhausting weekends of my life
But also the most amazing experiences I have ever done

As I was driving through San Diego Monday morning to meet my friend
The wedding was Sunday and I had most Monday off before I flew out
I pulled up into a random Starbucks in San Diego- my happy place :)

I was thinking of what an amazing experience that whole weekend had been
Thinking about how I never imagined I would be in San Diego to coordinate a wedding
Thinking about the most exhausting weekend I just had, yet I was filled with so much Joy and Rest
Thinking about the adventure of the weekend, the people I have met and the places I went
I pulled out my Jesus Calling devotional to Sept. 2nd

How true it is when we surrender our lives to the Lord
When we believe the Lords His plans are better than ours
When we let Him lead us through this life
He takes us on adventures and journeys we never could imagine 

God has opened my heart to seek Adventure with Him
I wake up with expectation that God will provide that longing in my heart
And He has so far
Through people I have met
The places I have gone
The opportunities and doors that have been opened 

He has shown me through, big and small blessings, that providing adventure is His who He is
Contrary to popular belief, we do not have a boring God you guys!
Adventure is what awaits us when we allow God to move within us
To let go and let Him lead

I have no doubt God is preparing many more adventures for me
Ones that seems crazy even thinking about 
But we have a big God 
And I believe He will provide those desires of our hearts
The adventures of our hearts, even ones we never knew we had

To some this weekend might have been just an exhausting trip to San Diego for a wedding 
But to me...oh, what an amazing adventure 

When you depend on Me continually your whole perspective changes. You see miracles happening all around, while others see only natural occurrences and "coincidences." You begin each day with joyful expectation, watching to see what I will do. you accept weakness as a gift from Me, knowing that your plans tentative, knowing that My plans are far superior. You consciously live, more and have your being in Me, desiring that I live in you. I in you, and yo in Me.

This is the intimate adventure I offer you. 


Time spent with your best friend is never wasted
We both drove over an hour each each to meet for lunch
True friends!

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