Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I am Loving Wednesday

So yes today is Wednesday which means my sporadic WILW post
What I am Loving Wednesday

Thankfully, there is a lot I am loving today!

My sister Beth, brother Chris, nephew Jace and niece Sammy
My brother's little girl and mother are up this week and spending a couple days in Enumclaw
It is Sammy's (2 1/2 years old) first time meeting Jace and first time up here
They have been having non stop fun going to the zoo and aquairium 
I have been at work and unable to go but been going down in the evenings for dinner 

Loving my results with AdvoCare products
and starting another 24 Day Challenge after Labor Day!
I love helping people!

Tina's first day helping me get organized- the right is my inspiration wall :)

Just when I think God couldnt be more amazing
He surprises me with answering a request I didnt even bring to Him.
 I was getting a little overwhelmed with some duties at work and wanting to hire a student to help me I decided to hold off on an email one morning until after I met with one of my student workers, Tina.
Not knowing why she wanted to meet up, she told me later into our conversation that she is very interested in working athletics and asked if she could job shadow me.
 Job shadow!? Are you kidding me, I want you to work for me!

This is exactly why I have a passion to help childen
Lord, give me a platform to serve and help Your children.
Give me direction and discernment on what doors You are opening
Give me Hope and contenment with Your ways and plan

Loving this quote
Wherever You lead me- sigh

Enough said
And I am starting my first ever Fantasty Football league tonight!

Lastly, I am LOVING the excitement for fall
My absolute favorite season for many reasons
Thankful to live in a city with four seasons

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