Sunday, August 4, 2013

Life lately

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately

I was able to take some vacation time and get away for a bit
First stop: Camping reunion 2013
Winthorp, WA

I was spoiled with an amazing childhood
I have so many great memories of many camping trips
There were five families with children all around the same age
We went all over the northwest 
beach, lakes, mountains

The children have grown up, married and now children of their own
We thought it was time for a reunion
Finally, we made it happen!

Throwback Sunday!
Megan Cleveland and myself 
Thanks mom for the wonderful girlie haircut 

Second stop: NBC Camp

It has been three years since I have coached at NBC Camp
This place has made one of the most impacts on my life thus far
So when I found out my sister and some other friends of mine were coming back to coach, 
I knew I had to come out of retirement!

This place feels like home away from home
Being able to play the game I love and share my faith = One of the best weeks of my life
...more on this later 

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