Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall is Here!

A dark, damp morning, hot Spark and the smell of cider candle
First morning that actually felt like fall

There is something about the season of fall that cant be beat in Seattle
The smell of pumpkin spice and apple cider candles
The beautiful colors of the changing leaves
The sound of the falling rain
Oh, and footbball!
Lots and lots of football

Sept. 15th Seahaws vs. 49er's
The game was delayed an hour because of lightening
 but that didnt stop them from destroying the 49ers:)

There is something about fall that is soothing
Maybe it is getting back into routine after the long, chaotic days of summer
Maybe the sound of hearing rain come down outside your window
Maybe the smell of a pumpkin spice candle burning
Or finding your new favorite fall TV show
How is the fall season soothing to you?

We started the season off with an athlete BBQ
Creating new friendships through fellowship and food!

 You know what else I find exciting about fall?
The new season of Seattle Pacific Athletics
New athletes
New coaches
New opportunity to achieve their dreams of becoming the best in their sport
National Champions

I love my job for many reasons, but one of my favorites are the relationships with the athletes
I love seeing them develop into better athletes and better people for their community

This upcoming season represents more than a new schedule of games to be played
It is a new season to deepen and develop their character, integrity and humility through the ups and downs, through the loses, wins and ties
Through their relationships with other athletes, their teammates and coaches
The opportunity to stretch themselves beyond limits they didnt know possible
Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
To live life beyond their comfort zone

And you know the best part?!
God has given me the privilege to be a part of all that
To be a part of their triumphs and failures
 On and off the playing field

Now, I know that I may not personally touch every young life that walks through SPU
To some I might always just be "that Event Manager" 
But you better believe I am going to strive to make a difference in every one of them

Someone who can be looked at as setting an example in leadership, humility and service to others
Someone who is an example in sharing my faith through my actions and words 
Someone they can look too for guidance
Someone who understands them

Will I fail sometimes?
Will I miss some opportunities?
Will I doubt myself?
Yes I will

But I also know that the Lord has placed me here for a reason
I know the Lord is giving me this platform and this passion to serve Him

Yes, it started raining but that is ok, the athletes decided to play Catch Phrase!

Dear Lord,
I know I am here for a reason
Thank you for giving me this platform to make a difference
Thank you for the opportunity to live a life of significance
Lead me Lord to the ones that need my encouragement, guidance and service
Help me to live my life with your hand always leading me
Direct my words be kind and instructive, and always with love
Continue to bless me here at SPU and expand my territory in ways I never imagined
Place Your hand upon me as I venture out in this new season of athletices and life
In your name I pray.

"He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God."
Micah 6:8

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