Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graduation Class 2004

Lisa, Lacy, Sarah and myself
Enumclaw High School Class 2004
"Delight yourself in the Lord and
He will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

In high school I had this verse taped on my binder (my math binder more specifically)
One time even my math teacher joked that he should give me a better grade because he saw the verse  I remember reading it everyday in high school and thinking, "oh, that is a nice verse.
I cant wait until He fills those desires"
I don't even know why I chose that verse
I know I have always been a "dreamer"
However, I never knew what those dreams were
But lets be honest, a lot of my dreams in high school were about who I was going to marry

Flash forward 10 years
Flash forward some much growing, maturing, living , loving & serving
I look back now at the 18 year old just "hoping" that God would "someday" fill those desires
Now, I don't just hope, I know

I am not just dreaming about my desires, I am living those desires
Dreams I never knew existed are forming in my deepest parts of my soul
Desires I never knew I had are being fulfilled
They didn't come all at once but they are slowly filling up in my heart
No, I am not married
I don't have any children
I am not a world traveler...
But I see, I feel, I know the desires in my heart are being filled exactly the way God intended them to be
Of course I still have those deep desires to get married, have children and travel the world
but I don't need to dwell on why those are not being filled
 I know God is filling my heart with desires that not only bring me joy,
but also bring Him glory and in His timing

So if I had to write a letter to 18 year old self from high school, this is what I would write:
Dear Jessie,
1- keep pursuing Him and keep that verse on your binder! In fact, look up more verses!
2. Dig deeper in Him
3. Keep dreaming and desiring for God to fill those dreams
4. He is working right now, ceaselessly and strategically on your behalf
5. He will fill those desires, ones you never knew you had,when the timing is right
6. Keep delighting in Him Jessie. You have an amazing life ahead of you!

His life plan for you is a thousand times sweeter than anything your high school self can dream or imagine




  1. Love this! Keeping dreaming sister, I'm certain with a heart like this He's got something great awaiting you!

  2. Thank you that means a lot! And thank you for the inspiration post :) I love your heart and reading your blog as well.


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