Friday, May 2, 2014

Have No Fear

What is your greatest fear? 

I have a few that are at the top of the list
I feel that God is slowly helping me overcome them one by one
However, fear always seems to seep deep in my heart when it comes to flying

I am sitting at the airport about to board my flight to Los Angeles to hangout with my best friend 
We are going to run a half marathon that we have had planned for a while now
We also have some other fun activities planned when I get there

But that is just it... I have to get there before we can experience the fun
I am anxious thinking about getting on the plane, taking off, the turbulence
Some flights are better than others but the fear begins the same

I honestly don't know where the fear came from or how it got so deep
Maybe I am afraid because I am not in charge
A fear I am constantly working on

Flying has always been a part of my life and over the years The Lord been reminding me of just how small my fears are and just how Big He is. I have a strong feeling that flying will continue to be a part of my life and lately I have discovered a few thoughts that have helped me: 

1. The pilots are much smarter and wiser than me 
They are ones that will get me to my destination... Not me
I don't have the slightest clue how to fly a plane so I have to trust
Trust someone I don't know and most the time I never see their face
And when I am not asleep and aware, I can hear the pilot welcome us on board, give us a few details about the flight and then conclude by saying "sit back, relax and enjoy the flight"
Even that little bit of reassurance from the one in control gives me some peace

Just like the pilots of the planes, I have to trust The Pilot of my life
Sometimes the path is scary... to let go... lose control of what my selfish human emotions and desires
Then turbulence hits I fear I am falling again
 Losing control and trusting a pilot I can't see or know where I am going is not easy for me
But just like the pilots of the plane, The Pilot of my life has always landed safely

2- Adventure awaits! 
The airport is a place of adventure, discovery, and exploring
Something deep in my soul wrestles between excitement and fear when I am at the airport
For someone who has such a fear if flying I also have a sense of joy and anticipation
 But the excitement of what awaits me at the destination gives me enough courage to continue flying
 I look out at planes taking off and realize the world is literally just hours away
A plane ride away
Once I board that flight, the thrill of adventure and anticipation arise 

And just like when you board an airplane, I promise you, if you decide to get on board with Him 
with deep surrender and will be one amazing adventure

So, what I have concluded is that adventure and trust are what keep me flying, give me courage, and keep me moving closer to Him. The deeper my relationship with the Lord becomes, the more aware I am of His presence around me and the more confidence I gain for flying and in life

I can hear His whispers, just enough, so when He says, 
"Jessie, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride... Adventure awaits" 
I know this is a Pilot I can trust

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