Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lord, I Need You

"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; 
let us shout aloud to salvation. 
Let us come before Him with Thanksgiving 
and extol Him with music and song."
Psalm 95:1-2

As we drove to dinner tonight, we decided to do something different
Usually we would chat about our day or so exhausted we wouldn't chat at all 
But tonight we played worship music 
I sat there listening to one of my favorites
"Lord, I Need You" by Matt Maher, my heart filled with joy
There is something about music that really gets me into worship
We haven't played worship music all week and my soul was longing for it
As we all started to sing, I could tell we needed this

As I stared out the window into a world of dark brokenness 
Lord, I need you

As I saw the hundreds of people on the street who feel hopeless
Lord, I need you 

As I thought about all the children who were without homes, parents or love and the parents who gave up their children just to survive
Lord, I need you

As I thought about the people who came right up to our windows while we were driving in hopes of food
Lord, I need you

As I thought about those who were crippled, burned or beaten so badly wandering the streets
Lord, I need you

As I thought about the missionary couples who packed up their whole lives and children, took a leap of faith and built an organization here in Ethiopia
Lord, I need you

As I thought about how overwhelmingly broken, unjust, and corrupt our world is
Lord, I need you

I was exposed to a whole new level of brokenness this week
Every part of me was wrecked 
And just when I thought He was done, I saw something that wrecked me again
Lord I Need You

When I get back home I am not going to know how to process this
I am not going to understand why we live the way we do while others struggle
Lord, I need you

I will be going home to my place of comfort, my place with warm running water, electricity, a roof over my head and always food on my plate, while others struggle not only half way around the world but in my own city 
Lord, I need you

 I will be going home to share my experiences with my family and friends
How do I share in a way that accurately explains my feelings and emotions?
Lord, I need you

No one can take away what I saw this week
No one can take away the images of poverty or the hope I saw that the ministries gave
How do I balance my life in the midst of all that I have been given?
How do I live a life that glorifies Him?
What do I do now?
Lord, I need You

God wants us, not only to be healthy and whole, but He wants to use us to help other people be healthy and whole

Lord, You have opened my eyes to a whole, big world
A world of brokenness but also so much beauty 
You have shown me that you can use anyone, anywhere for Your Glory
It is not where we live by how we live
As I head back to the comforts of home, help me not get so comfortable I miss the brokenness 
Continue to break my heart for what breaks Yours
Continue to push me into the uncomfortable because I have learned that is where Your true beauty and blessings will be shown
 Continue to open my eyes to your beauty
Now that I have seen more injustice and brokenness, help me to understand Your plan
You are not a God of confusion, but of clarity 
Help me to live with complete surrender to Your plan for me

Lord, I need You
By Matt Maher 

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