Friday, June 20, 2014

Therefore, GO

"Therefore, GO"

A command from God that used to make my stomach turn
When I was growing up I told my mom
"God would never send me to Africa, right?"
Then my stomach would go into knots
And that point in my life, I thought God's commandment sent everyone to Africa
I know now that is NOT the case
However, deep down I think Africa came into my mind because I knew I was going one day
Which made me even more mad at Him!
Why would He send me somewhere I didn't WANT to go!

Two years ago, I could not comprehend that our God is loving and compassionate
I could not comprehend that He would never force us to do anything 
He would change our hearts to eventually see that His plans are better
Which is exactly what He did with my heart 
From Enumclaw, WA

To Addis ababa, Ethiopia 

I still cant quite comprehend what is about to happen the next ten days
I do know we will be visiting a few charities that are doing amazing things
I know we will be immersed in the Ethiopian culture
... the bad, beautiful and the brokenness

I know I will see things that will break my heart 
I know there will be times I wont know what to do or say
There will be things I wont ever understand

But I also know I will see His beauty
 I will see His love shining through others 
I will see things that fill my heart with joy 
I know God will be present in everything 

All our donations are packed, my carry-on and airport outfit laid out
It still doesn't seem real
I am not anxious yet not quite perfect peace
But I am rested
I am being restored
I know I am changing for His purpose

I never thought I would get to this spot in my life where traveling would be my passion
Traveling to see Gods love in the world's brokenness
Traveling to see Gods beauty through His people
Traveling to experience rich culture, extreme poverty & extreme JOY despite poverty
My prayer is that I will forever be changed from these experiences

"A man's steps are directed by the Lord. 
How then can anyone understand his own way." 
Proverbs 20:24 

 I don't fully understand why this trip just yet, but I know there is a reason
Tonight I sit outside my parents house in small town USA Enumclaw, WA
Tomorrow I will be across the world to Ethiopia
Only God 


My blessing is this. 

I know a God who loves the unlovable. 

I know a God who comforts the sorrowful. 
I know a God who gives hope to the hopeless. 
And I know a God who has planted this same power within me. 
Within all of us.
And for this blessing, may our response always be, "Use me."

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