Monday, June 16, 2014

Now what? I am not sure...

Seattle Pacific University Falcon

4 years- student-athlete
2 years- part time athletic events manager
4 years- full time athletic marketing and promotions 

= 10 years of my life at Seattle Pacific University

10 years of walking into Royal Brougham Pavilion every single day
10 years of driving down Mercer street, turning off Nickerson and onto 3rd Ave West
10 years of pulling into the alumni lot and hoing there was a parking spot
10 years of buying SPU gear for  my family
(My poor dad got one every single birthday) 
10 years of wearing maroon and white
10 years of cultivating relationships with staff and co-workers
10 years of growing in a profession I thought would be my life purpose
10 years of getting to know the new freshman student-athletes
10 years of watching, rooting and supporting the SPU Falcons
10 years as my home

I thought I would spend my whole life at 
 Seattle Pacific University

Long story short..
God helped me use the platform I had at SPU to do amazing things with student-athletes
From Make-A-Wish to St. Jude
From The Jessie Rees Foundation to Children of the Nation
Along the way these past two years, I thought God was using these open doors for the student-athletes

He was really changing me 

You see, I grew up at Seattle Pacific University
I didn't want to leave
SPU was my home away from home
I discovered many things about myself professionally, spiritually, and personally

Right in the middle of the path I wanted,
God steered me in a completely different direction
A path that He wanted

Here I am almost 11:00pm on a Monday night
I dont have to go to work tomorrow at SPU or the day after or next week
Friday was my last day at SPU

What am I doing now with my life?
I am not entirely sure at this very moment
I do know it is not a marketing & promotions coordinator for SPU athletics

What I do know I am choosing God to direct my path 

I know my life is not going as I planned but exactly how it is supposed too
I know that God has turned my world upside down...I am ok with it
I know God has called me to out of my place of comfort and into the unknown... I am ok with it 
I know God is directing me on a new path and ALREADY providing open doors
(blog post to come later) 

Oh, and I know I am going to Ethiopia on Saturday and I am completely ok with it

I will miss being a Falcon
I will miss my co-workers and my place of comfort
I will miss watching SPU athletics every Thursday & Saturdays
I will miss seeing student-athletes on a daily basis

Walking in Gods will brings more joy & peace 
Walking in Gods will is a great adventure in life
Where God guides, He provides
 God's plans will always be better than mine and "better than ever imagined"

I dont know what my future holds, 
but I know Who holds my future

I am ready to step into my unknown future and expect His great adventure 

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