Sunday, April 13, 2014

About Time

Oh, I just love the spring time
So, many beautiful flowers outside and the sun if finally coming out in Seattle
Easter coming up!
It doesn't get much prettier Seattle in springtime
(ok, maybe the fall)  

Before I share what I have been up too I want to put on record that I have been actually sitting down and watching The Masters
I never thought I would say that or do that but since Bubba Watson won back in 2012, I have grown into one of his biggest fans. How can you not like a humble, family, Christian man! 
 I always admire athletes using their platform to share Jesus 
As I write this Bubba is in the lead with a good chance to win
Lets go Bubba! 

Anyway, back to my weekend
A little back story, I love country music
I will go to any country concert 
I went to go see Chuck Wicks back in 2009 and loved him
My aunt and uncle are on the board of directors for the Washington State Fair
For the past 4 years I have been begging telling them they need to get Chuck Wicks to come!
Finally, four years later Chuck finally comes to Puyallup!

My friend Lacy and I one our way to see Chuck
Of course we got to Spark up- make sure we have energy and mental focus

Just taking some selfies on our way :)

Of course, we had to sit front and center
He writes all his songs and did not disappoint!

Thankful for my aunt and our time together during these concerts!
If you ever come visit Washington you have to visit The Washington State Fair!

I ended up staying the night down south on Friday night and drove up to Seattle Saturday afternoon
I usually stay home during the weekend, especially since my sister is about to give birth!
But I had to run some errands up in Seattle so I came home
It has been awhile since I have actually stayed in Seattle for the weekend 
The sun was out, light breeze, perfect opportunity to walk to the Greenlake Starbucks
Vanilla steamer, a good book, Chris Tomlin Pandora station
Do you need anything more?

It brings me to this morning
I had to get a long run in for my half training 
Three times around Greenlake is 9 miles
The first mile is always the hardest but eventually found my way around 3 times
Of course, not without stopping to take a picture of this beautiful area
We are sure blessed 

There is so much going on right now in my life
I am seeing God work in my life and my family and friends
I am seeing Gods favor upon me and dreams starting to come into fruition
I am holding onto His promise for my life and letting Him guide me day by day
I cant wait to post some exciting things coming up in the near future
Starting with my new baby nephew coming any day!

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