Friday, April 4, 2014

A Night in Paris (or Italy)

Ok, ok, not really in actual Paris, France
Bu with the smell, music and lighting it seemed like we were!
Through my job at Seattle Pacific, I meet a lot of students
(one of the best things about my job by far!)
Christa, has been a student-worker, turned great friend over the past couple years
She was with me from the beginning when my passion started with childrens charities
She was there with me to visit Memphis for a St. Jude event
She was there when we pulled off the 2nd highest fundrasier in the region for St. Jude
She was there for me when I needed someone to fill in for an athletic event
She has been there for me almost all of my time at SPU
And this past summer I was able to be there for her when she married the man of her dreams
She is just one of many examples of student-workers turning into great relationships
On top of being a student and a wife, Christa is an excellent cook!
From someone who can barley boil an egg without complications
I jumped on this opportunity when she asked me to comeover and cook!
Yes, please share with me some of your cooking wisdom
So one night last week we opened a bottle of Pellegrino and made gnocchi
(Dont worry, I didnt know what it was either)
A Night in Paris (or Italy)
Cooking by Christa
Photos and taste tester by Jessie
Love the white lights she added!

Pandora station "Cafe Paris"

Christa and her husband Jeffrey


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  1. How fun!! Cooking with girlfriends is always a good time! Also, did you get a new camera? These photos are so great!!


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