Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am sitting outside of Royal Brougham Pavilion at SPU.  I just got done completing a 4.6 mile run with a co-worker. Sadly, I am exhausted physically and mentally! Let's just say running is not my strong point, much less almost 5 miles! However, I am sitting on the steps of a place that has been my home since first walking into this gym a terrified, naive freshman. Little did I know this place would change my life. Almost 7 years now and I am still a Falcon.

Here is a list of things I am thankful for at this moment:

- I am in career I love.
- I am so incredibly passionate about Falcon athletics. Forever a Falcon!
- The responsibility I have with my student employees and the opportunity I get to be a servant leader to them.
- The platform I have to influence college students.
- The platform and opportunity I have to share the gospel through my words and actions.
- The platform I have to extend a helping hand to the community with our student athletes.
- St. Jude Children's Hospital and the role I have with the Up til Dawn fundraiser.
- For my executive board and the opportunity to encourage and inspiring them for greatness and success.

Lastly, I am thankful for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Without Him in my life my life would be meaningless. He is the one who gives me my purpose and fulfillment in all I do. I can always tell when I seek approval of man and then when my heart seeks Him. It has taken me awhile to realize this and of course there are some many times when I fail and my thoughts escape me but He always find me again and helps me get back on track.

The list of thankfulness could go on and on. I am sitting here in awe of the many blessings my Lord has chosen to give me, more than I deserve.

Thank you for for your love, grace, mercy and blessings.

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