Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Fun

I cant believe summer 2012 is over. It seemed like a whirlwind. Maybe with all the traveling I did it felt like I didn't get much of a summer. However, I got MUCH out of this summer with all my trips and experiences.

Labor day weekend was the perfect opportunity to take a trip to Portland to visit the Frieses'. I have not seen Jackie since she came to visit in April so I was due for a visit. She also is recovering from Achilles surgery and I knew the weekend would consist of clearing up her DVR, Starbucks, and football!

It was a perfect end to an amazing summer!

My first road trip of the summer! I was ready to go! How did the Mariah Carey Holiday album get in there? (I may or may not have listened to it on the way down). 

I really do enjoy the feeling of going on road trips. I enjoy the feeling of adventure, the possibility to discovering and exploring, and the peacefulness of driving. There were many times on my way down to Portland that I was tempted to stop at a small town and explore. I need to take more in 2013. 

Saturday night we met up with our teammate Kelsey Hill! We had an amazing dinner downtown Lake Oswego and of course dessert consisted of frozen yogurt. 

Lots of pictures!
Jackie treated me to a pedicure for my birthday! LOTS of Starbucks trips and of course opening season for football! Go Huskies and Seahawks!
Nothing says summer like a fruit stand on the side of the road. After church Sunday we stop and stocked up on fruit.

It was a great trip to catch up with Jackie and Evan. This weekend reminded me of all our great memories we have had together. Jackie and I have the type of friendship that even if we don't talk for a few weeks, we can catch up like it has only been a day. We get each other in our conversations and respect each others decisions in life. I miss having Jackie live closer and wish it were easier to grab Starbucks and lose ourselves in a conversations, however I always enjoy going down to visit her and the life they have created down in Oregon. I love seeing them grow as a couple and as faithful Christ followers. 

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