Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snail Mail Adventure Awaits

When I started this whole "blogging experience" I had no idea what an adventure it would be 
Not in a traveling sense, but more of an adventure of the heart, an adventure of discovery 
Meeting knew people, reading stories of other women who challenge me, make me laugh, encourage me and have become a daily form of comfort by reading their blogs 
We all have a story to tell
Whether it is through creativity & DIY, decorating, traveling, inspiring through faith or just sharing about their every day life 
They all have a passion to share their story
Share their hearts 
It has been one big adventure and I am loving it

I participated in an event called Snail Mail Collective 
This is an opportunity to connect with another women from around the nation & world 
We get to know each other throughout the month, begin a friendship and then we exchange a small themed item 

November- What are you grateful for?

I had the honor of getting to know Jessica from Jess Loves This Life 
Jess and I hit if off right away- not just because our names:)
But for our love for everything fall!
Bath and Body works candles, crisp air, cloudy mornings, falling leaves & Starbucks
Just to name a few!
Jess lives down in Orange County so she doesn't get much of the "fall" weather 
but she does have Disneyland! 
I always find it fascinating when I hear people who has season passes because Disneyland was always such a BIG DEAL when we could go for vacation! In fact, I think I need to go again soon:)  
Jess and her boyfriend, Andy, go all the time and it sounds like it really is the happiest place on earth!

One thing I really loved about getting to know Jess is her LOVE for life
The title of her blog is so PERFECT for her
She sees everyday as an adventure and an opportunity to make the most of it
Her and Andy go on weekly dates to just take the time to enjoy each other and life 
Though each day is not always perfect, and there has been some health concerns with Jess
but she doesn't let that bother her
I was so inspired by her positive outlook on life and her strength to overcome
Thank you Jess for allowing me to get to know you!
Keep inspiring and keep savoring all that life brings you

Her themed gift was perfect for me
Bath & Body candle, Starbucks ornament and Disneyland postcard

What I am Loving Wednesday 

My little nephew put on his serious face today!

My brother and I cutting down our family Christmas tree 

This is a tradition I will always cherish 
I am ALL about the traditions, especially when it comes to family
My brother and I have our own places with decorated trees but there is something so nostalgic and comforting to come home and decorate our tree at our parents house
I know as we both get older we won't always be able to do this together
One of us might move away, not have time with our careers, or get married
I guess the last one wouldn't be all that bad:) 
Tonight we gathered our coats. hot drinks in hand and headed out to cut down our tree

Christensen Family Christmas tree 
Ornaments full of memories
Lights mostly working
And another year of tradition 

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