Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Comfort and Joy- Day 12

Day 12
3 Gifts at noon

This morning was rough and I didnt get my quiet time in during the morning
Sadly, story of my life lately
So, I headed to my happy place for my lunch break to get it in at noon

Starbucks on Westlake 

Gift #1- A place I can go that gives me a sense of comfort away from work. The view of the city, the american flag blowing out in front, lake union right below me. No matter what time of year this places is beautiful. But today was a treat! It was decorated for Christmas- insert happy dance!

Gift #2- The excitement of the holiday season. Yes, I know, its only Starbucks but I cant help it, my heart leaped a little when I walked in. 

Gift #3- My quiet time with Jesus Calling. Always what I need to hear.  A constant reminder that God loves us . NO greater gift. 

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