Friday, November 1, 2013

Let the Holidays begin!

Before I go to overboard with Christmas (and y'all know I will)
 I wanted to take this month to focus my second favorite holiday

I love tradition
I love having thanksgiving at my parents home
I love waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the fall candle burning downstairs
I love the smell of turkey baking in the oven all day
I love soaking up those last moments of the fall colors, fall leaves and fall decorations
I love the laughter of playing board games all day
I love all the pies my aunt makes
I love the thoughtful, small gifts my mom gives to every guest and allows me to help
I love how my mom and dad have made their home open to anyone who needs a place to go
I love how my dad makes sure we have my favorite appetizer
I love watching a Christmas movie after dessert
I love the feeling of being surrounded by family and friends
I love being reminded of how extremely blessed I am
I am truly thankful

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