Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pumpkin Spice Day 19 & 20

Day 19
3 Gifts Autumn

1- The smell of pumpkin spice candle when I walk into my parents house. I will always remember the coming home on Friday nights from a HS football game and having an overwhelming sense of comfort. The candle, the fall decorations, the pumpkins on the porch

2- Walking out and feeling the sun on my face and the crisp Seattle air

3- Thanksgiving table settings! I have visions of how I would want to set my table. Of course, it changes every year :) From napkins, to plates to the center pieces. You guys, my heart skips a beat when I look through the Pottery Barn catalog. 

AMAZING Right?! (sigh) 

Day 20 
3 Gifts of Tradition

1- My dad, brother Chris and myself go to the same christmas tree farm and we tag our tree before Thanksgiving. I mean we have to get the best one! and then the 3 of us go cut it down together. I treasure this tradition because I know one day I will have to start my own. 

2- Thanksgiving at my parents
Love. Faith. Family. Comfort. Laughter

3- Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. I know this is not my own tradition and honestly our family never sits and watches but there is something so soothing about having it on in the background Thanksgiving morning. While we are cleaning, baking or doing a puzzle we have it on.  It is there. It is always there. The comfort and excited of what is to come. 

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