Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fantasy Football Day 24

Day 24
3 Gifts Humble 

1- Friendsgiving with the Mannings! Quinn, one of my best friends, who played basketball with me at SPU and her husband Matt invite their good friends over for dinner. Quinn and Matt have been married for 5 years and have two children. You can believe they have many other married with children friends as well. Now, I am going to be honest. It used to be hard for me because I would be the only single gal there. But this year was different. I have been humbled in many areas in my life and embracing my singleness during the holidays has been one of them. I am learning to enjoy life right where I am at. Embracing my life journey, ups and downs, passions and dreams. It is all about fellowship anyway. I don't need a "husband" to enjoy the stories, new recipes and laughter. 

2- My parents- I have been meaning to share with my parents some dreams of mine. Honestly, I dont know why I was so hesitant. My parents have always been supportive in ALL I do. I shared it with them this past Friday and was so humbled but the love and support by them. My parents never cease to amaze me. 

Family dinner for my moms birthday in May 

3- Fantasy Football- Yes, yes, I know this sounds silly but if you know me you know I love football! I love our Seattle Seahawks and I love watching football on Sundays. However, my fantasy football not so much. I forget to set up my line up during the week. I don't check who has a  BYE week. FOr instance, I am waching Denver and New England and I forgot again to add T. Brady to my line up!  Man oh man. I am not good. Regardless, I am having fun and I am thankful for the exctiment it continues to bring me! 

I cant leave this post without sharing my new favorite holiday treat! 
These bad boys are amazing! 
Put in the microwave for 6-8 seconds and it pretty much melts in your mouth
I usually am not a fan of gingerbread but these are A. MA.ZING
 AND low cal,  high protein (11g) 

The AdvoCare holiday treats ALWAYS sell out so I stock up! 
If you are looking for a healthier option for a snack, dessert or even a quick meal 
These are the perfect option!
Use your discount to order yours now or you can get them HERE! 

Enjoy and you are welcome ;) 

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