Sunday, November 3, 2013

Never Growing Up Day 3

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to run around Greenlake 
But the running is not what I love- obviously :) 
There is something about Greenlake that makes me feel I can dream anything
What are you dreaming about?

Day 3
3 Gifts that start with "N"

1- November. Honestly, I LOVE this month. Maybe it is because I am reminded of the many things, people and blessings I have to be thankful for or that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays spending it with friends and family.  November is a perfect blend in between fall and winter- between Halloween and Christmas- month here leaves are still changing colors and the beauty still abounds yet more leaves are found on the ground giving us anticipation of the upcoming holiday season- anticipation for the most glorious season and gift 

2- NEGU- The Jessie Rees Foundation. I am in LOVE with his charity. It captured my heart last holiday season and has not let go. Never Ever Give Up is what Jessie held on too and encouraged children during the hard times. Though Jessie lost her battle, she never ever gave up. Her legacy and inspiration lives on through her charity to encourage other children to NEGU. 

3- Never growing up. Now let me explain. I know we have to grow up at some point. We have to move out of our parents house. Graduate school and get real jobs. But you know sometimes it is ok to be a child again. Look at things with childlike eyes. 
Did you ever jump in a pile of leaves when you were young? We did. 
My dad would rake the leaves into a big pile for  my brothers and sister to jump in. 
We would laugh, play, attempt to throw leaves at each other. 
Every fall those memories come back to me as I see the colorful leaves on the ground
So, today as I was running by I stopped and played in the leaves 
No worries about my job, my bills, what I was going to make for dinner
I looked at fall through the eyes of a child
I am thankful I don't have to grow up in every aspect of my life

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