Monday, November 18, 2013

Playing Catch Up! Day 14-18

3 Gifts silent
1. Silent Night- one of my favorite Christmas carols
2. Sleeping- ok, so I don’t actually know if I am silent- Maybe I talk in my sleep. I don’t think I snore. I will have to ask my husband one day J
3. “Quiet times” The morning is a time I cherish so much. For one I have never been a morning person, so the fact that I am saying this is a miracle. But not only do I love the mornings, I love my time with the Lord the most.

Love the trees until their leaves fall off, 
then encourage them to try again next year

3 gifts Golden
1.     SUN! There is nothing better then a sunny day in Seattle AND during the fall.
2.     Golden color of the fall leaves. Beauty abounds this time of season
3.      Golden Tate!- I know, I know, silly right?! BUT he is helping the Seahawks win AND he is on my fantasy team and helping me win too :)

3 gifts Hard Eucharisteo
1. Grace
2. Grace
3. Undeserving Grace

Grace is like tall, blades of grasses.
Always bending. Never breaking. 
Stretched through time to the Cross of Christ. 
This grace is a free gift to you, to me.

3 gifts of laughter
1. Inside jokes- family or friends. This time of year the inside jokes come out and laughter never stops.
2. Jace- How sweet the sound of children giggles.
3. Sense of Humor – One of my top qualities I look for in men is a sense of humor. Someone who can make me laugh without trying. Someone who is funny, likes to laugh and can make me smile even in the midst of trials.

A gift made, shared, passed on
1. My parents home-made with love, laughter and faith
2. The gift of sharing how God has answered prayers with a best friend
3. My grandma and moms wedding dress

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