Friday, November 29, 2013

Give Thanks Day 28 & 29

Give thanks to The Lord for He is good; 
His love endures forever. 
Psalm 118:1 

Turkey trot around Enumclaw Thanksgiving morning

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I am changed
I feel different than years past 
I know I am different
Thankfulness floods my heart, daily
That has not always been the case

I have learned that happiness is not found in things, status or food
I have learned that the only true fulfillment is my relationship with Christ 
Because of Him, I have chosen to chase my dreams over complacency  
Because of Him, I have chosen to seek joy over self pity and doubt 
Because of Him, I have so much HOPE about my future I get giddy
Because of Him, I have found more peace 
I am Thankful 

The only explanation is the fact that I have chosen to seek the Lord in my life more intentionally 
I have chosen Him to lead, to guide and move in my life than ever before
I chose Him and He has provided 
I am thankful 

I have been so overwhelmed at times I catch myself saying "that is just crazy" 
When really it is just our God being who He is 
My life brings new challenges, blessings and adventures daily  
Sometimes I wonder how I deserved such a blessed life
Then I remember that we don't deserve anything in this life
He graciously sacrificed for us on the cross so we can receive Him 
I am thankful 

God graciously gives us His Grace daily
He deeply loves and always forgives us 
He wants a relationship with us still 
We don't deserve, but He gives
Because that is who He is
He is worth all our praise and thankfulness

Day 28
3 Gifts in Community

1- Family

2- Friends 

3- Enumclaw
I don't live there anymore
In fact, somedays I don't know if I will ever live there again
But it has my heart
It has my friends, family and memories forever
It will always be a place I call HOME
A place I come count on for support and love

We started our first "Turkey Bowl" It was such a hit!
Nothing better or more American than playing football on Thanksgiving

More pictures from Thanksgiving 

Cousin Brenden (right) and spanish cousin (exchange student) Guille 
Give Thanks unto the Lord

Day 29 
3 Gifts RED

1- CHRISTMAS! Everything is red during the holidays. 
I am thankful for the excitement of Santa Clause coming to town

2- Holly berries- One of my favorite Christmas decorations! 
My parents have a holly tree in their backyard. 
I always bring some back up to Seattle to decorate my place. 

3- Chris Tomlin Christmas CD (the cover is RED!) - Glory in the Highest
He is one of my favorite singers and his christmas CD is amazing!
Best SONG ever - HERE 
O, Come All Ye Faithful 

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